As the worldwide technology and personal annual income have improved over the years, an increasingly amount of people can go online to communicate through electronic mail for business or leisure purposes. This increasingly wealth of information being transferred via links, networks and servers can become a cumbersome task for inefficient corporations and organizations who aspire to use this essential communication method.

UCG boasts another technologically sophisticated product: a professional mailing list system called PushM@iL.

What is PushM@iL?
The trouble-free UCG-PushM@iL has been created after three years of research and development to deliver a high speed, trustworthy and dependable mail list system.


This innovative system carries with it a large variety of features that include:


  • Send mails as if it's sent from your inbox using SMTP authentication.

  • Mails will never flag as SPAM unless your original mail is SPAM listed.

  • Secured online application using HTTPS over SSL.

  • Secured and Enhanced out mail "SMTP" using "ESMTP + TLS.

  • Bounce back mails reporting and bouncing filter options

  • Campaigns tracking, viewers reporting and comparisons.

  • Data Base remote access or JAVA List feeding, just upload the TXT list file and the SYS will import it quickly.

  • Browser time or Auto Sender, Create mail >> Select the category >> Send >> Done, The SYS will work in background.

  • Schedule e-Mails advertisement campaigns to be done on a specific time.

  • Compose e-Mails as never before using AJAX- RichTXTEditor.

  • Archive old e-Mails advertisement campaigns to resend.

  • Build a data FTP manageable source on the online storage "500MB" to reuse and to reduce uploading time "optional".

  • Perfect online HTML editor to create professional HTML mails.

  • Easily categories management, Create, Delete, Rename and Move mails in between.

  • Editable Sender and receiver aliases.

  • Unsubscribing or Abusing receiver ability "Moved to Abuse category"

  • More than 20 ready to use HTML templates.

  • And many more practical features...

UCG-PushM@iL | Pricing:






- 350 eMail / Hr


- 700 eMail / Hr


- 1400 eMail / Hr


- 2800 eMail / Hr


- 5600 eMail / Hr

For more information about UCG-PushM@iL, email us at :

Note: Minimum billing cycle is 3 months.

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